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QA Press Release – Task Force Search Warrants


Incident: Search and Seizure warrant

Date/Time: 10/10/17

Location: 13 Andrew Drive Crumpton, MD 21628

Suspects: Colin Connor Crawford Goldsboro, A/A/M, dob: 08/19/93

Donna Mae Ruth, W/F, dob: 12/29/82

CDS Seized: 0.1 grams of suspected heroin

1.1       grams of PCP

2 50 mg Tramadol pills

Investigator: TFC Kyle Braightmeyer

Assisting Personnel: Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team

Barrack “S” uniformed troopers

Synopsis: During August 2017, members of the Queen Anne’s County Drug Task force began to receive information that Colin Goldsboro was selling heroin from his girlfriend’s residence located at 13 Andrew Drive in Crumpton, Maryland.

Task Force investigators began an investigation and an undercover officer acting in a covert capacity made contact with Goldsboro and purchased heroin directly from him on several occasions throughout September and October.

Investigators obtained an arrest warrant charging Goldsboro with several counts of distribution of heroin. They also obtained a search and seizure warrant for his residence.

On October 10, 2017 members of the task force, assisted by the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team and Barrack “S” uniformed troopers served a knock and announce search warrant at 13 Andrew Drive Crumpton, MD. Goldsboro, his girlfriend Donna Ruth and several other persons were at home when the warrant was served. A search of the hope revealed a small amount of heroin, several Tramadol pills and 1.1 grams of PCP from in and around the residence.

Colin Goldsboro, who has a prior criminal history for controlled dangerous substance violations, was charged with several counts of Distribution of Heroin, Possession of Heroin with the Intent to Distribute, Possession of Heroin and the Possession of Paraphernalia. Goldsboro was held on no bond.

Donna Ruth was charged with Possession of Heroin and the Possession of Paraphernalia. She was released on her signature.


Incident: Search and Seizure warrant

Date/Time: 10/17/2017 @ 0945

Location: 717 Main Street Church Hill, Queen Anne’s County, MD

Suspect: Arnold McDonald Moore, B/M, dob:09/11/52

CDS Seized: 20.4 grams of suspected crack cocaine

6.0 grams of suspected powder cocaine

5.5 grams of suspected Fentanyl

Currency Seized: $2607.00

Synopsis:  On October 17, 2017 at approximately 0945 hours the Queen Anne’s County Drug Task Force, assisted by uniformed troopers assigned to the Centreville Barrack served a knock and announce search warrant at 717 Main Street Church Hill, MD. This is the residence of Arnold Moore and he was detained as he was leaving the residence. Moore’s home sits less than 1000 feet from Church Hill Elementary School.

A search of the residence revealed 20.4 grams of crack cocaine, 6.0 grams of      powdered cocaine, 5.5 grams of Fentanyl, all packaged for individual street sales, paraphernalia in the form of plastic bags and $2607.00 in U.S. currency from Moore’s bedroom.

Moore who has a previous criminal history for felony CDS and other charges is being charged with the Possession of Cocaine with the intent to distribute, Possession of Cocaine with intent to distribute in a school zone, Possession of cocaine, Possession of Fentanyl and Possession of paraphernalia. Moore was held on bond

QA Press Release 10/17

INCIDENT:     Recovered Property

DATE / TIME:     10/15/17 @ 01:48 PM

LOCATION:     Area of Route 8 and Wicomico Road, Stevensville, MD.

COMPLAINANT:     (50 yr. old white female from Stevensville, MD)

DETAILS:     Complainant advised that she observed a used syringe in the area of Route 8 near Wicomico Road several days ago.  Deputy Pack responded to the scene and took custody of the syringe.  Deputy Pack disposed of the syringe appropriately.

DEPUTY:     Deputy L. Pack

CASE:     17-30912


INCIDENT:     Malicious Destruction of Property

DATE / TIME:     10/15/17 @ 02:54 PM

LOCATION:     1600 Block of Bayside Drive, Chester, MD

VICTIM:     (55 yr. old white male from Chester, MD)

DETAILS:     Complainant advised he had just recently replaced his mailbox from other damage a few days prior and now his mailbox was damaged again.  Deputy Piasecki observed that the post appeared to have been dislodged from the ground and the mailbox itself was missing.  The estimated cost is approximately $100.  The investigation is ongoing.

DEPUTY:     Deputy M. Piasecki

CASE:     17-30913

QA Press Release – CALEA Renewal Award


Sheriff Gary Hofmann recently accepted the renewal of the Office of the Sheriff accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA®).

The renewal award was accompanied by the Commission’s praise for the agency’s going “above and beyond” in showing compliance with the relevant standards that represent the “best professional practices” for law enforcement agencies everywhere.

The Sheriff firmly believes that CALEA compliance strengthens the agency’s accountability, both within the agency and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities.

The Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff has developed a comprehensive, well thought out, uniform set of written directives. This is one of the most successful methods for reaching administrative and operational goals, while also providing direction to personnel.

Sheriff Hofmann has established standards that provide the necessary reports and analyses he needs to make fact-based, informed management decisions.

CALEA accreditation can limit the Office of the Sheriff potential liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that internationally recognized standards for law enforcement have been met, as verified by a team of independent outside CALEA-trained assessors.

Sheriff Hofmann thanked all employees of the Office of the Sheriff for their roles in proving compliance with the many standards. “It is only with the cooperation and buy-in of every sworn officer and civilian employee that we are able to achieve and maintain this high level professionalism,” the Sheriff stated with appreciation.


QA Press Release 10/12 – Shooting Investigation

On Thursday October 12, 2017 at approximately 0805 hours EMS units were dispatched to 4802 Main street(Grasonville Senior Center) for a fall. Upon arrival of the County Paramedic unit, the sheriff’s office was requested for assistance. It was found that a 32  year old female was suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the upper chest area. The victim was transported by Maryland State Police Aviation to  Shock Trauma for treatment with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries. Because of the proximity to the Grasonville Elementary School – Queen Anne’s County Public School Officials in consultation with the Sheriff’s Office placed the School on lockdown, which lasted for under an hour, the lockdown was lifted at approximately 10:30a.m.  An investigation lead by the Criminal Investigation Unit found the gun shot wound to be self inflicted and there is no suspect at large.  At this time Investigators believe there is no danger to the community.

QA Press Release 10/12

INCIDENT: Malicious Destruction of Property
DATE / TIME: Timeframe of occurrence: 10/07/17 @ 2100 hrs. – 10/08/17 @ 0830 hrs.
LOCATION: Dulin Clark Road @ Terrace Ridge Drive Centreville, Md. 21617
DETAILS: On 10/08/17 at approximately 0831 hrs. The Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip that one of our agency Speed Trailers had been overturned. Upon the responding deputy’s arrival (Sgt. Green) he observed the speed trailer overturned with visible damage on the Solar Panels and bolts holding same in place. The trailer was positioned in the area of Dulin Clark Road @ Terrace Ridge Drive in Centreville for speed enforcement efforts due to recent speeding complaints within the community. Investigation revealed that the trailer was last observed secure and intact on 10/07/17 @ approximately 2100 hrs. The trailer was later moved to the Sheriff’s Office for safekeeping and damage assessment. The Sheriff’s Office Resource Unit will be assuming the investigation. If anyone has additional information related to this incident please contact Dfc. Ryan Davidson @ 410-758-0770 Ext# 1269 or email him at

DEPUTY: Sgt. Green, Cpl. Brockman, Dfc. Sewell, Dfc. R. Davidson
CASE: 17-30201


DATE / TIME: 10/02/2017 @ 1707hrs.
LOCATION: Calvin Klein 121 Outlet Center Drive Queenstown, MD 21658
VICTIM: Calvin Klein
SUSPECT: Brooke Mayoral (18yo female) Queenstown, MD
DETAILS: Cpl. Martz responded to the Calvin Klein store in reference to a theft. He met with the manager whom stated a young female entered the store and stole underwear and jeans. Cpl. Martz reviewed the video surveillance and was provided a tag number of the vehicle the female was driving by the manager. The female later came back to the store and apologized for taking the items and returned them. She was charged with theft on an application for charges. The total value of the items is $324.00
DEPUTY: Cpl. B. Martz
CASE: 17-29579
INCIDENT: Rogue and Vagabond
DATE / TIME: 10/03/2017 @ 1005hrs.
LOCATION: TTT Truckstop @ 610 Ruthsburg Road Centreville, MD 21617
DETAILS: Cpl. Martz responded to the TTT Truckstop in regards to unknown suspect(s) that had gone through a tractor at the location and removing bolts from under the hood, in an attempt to remove parts from the tractor.
DEPUTY: Cpl. B. Martz
CASE: 17-29642
INCIDENT: Possession of Marijuana less than 10grams
DATE / TIME: 10/07/2017 @ 0126hrs.
LOCATION: E/B Rt. 50 @ Dundee Avenue Chester, MD 21619
CHARGED: Nicholas Diego 21y.o. w/m from Milton, DE. Matthew Diego 22y.o. w/m from Milton, DE
DETAILS: Cpl. Martz performed a traffic stop on a blue Honda Civic traveling above the posted speed limit. Cpl. Martz performed a K-9 scan on the vehicle which resulted in a positive alert. Upon searching the vehicle a plastic tube containing suspected marijuana inside. Neither of the two subjects claimed responsibility and both were charged on a civil citation with possession of marijuana under 10 grams. They were both released from the scene on their signatures.
.DEPUTY: Cpl. B. Martz
CASE: 17-30078
INCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Collision
DATE / TIME : 10/06/2017 @ 2026hrs.
LOCATION: Perry’s Corner Road Talisman Farm Grasonville, MD 21638
VICTIM: 20y.o. female from Grasonville, MD 21638
DETAILS: Single vehicle traveling south on Perry Corner Road, vehicle left the roadway for a possible medical emergency and crashed into a culvert pipe. The driver was the only occupant of the vehicle and was transported for minor injuries.
DEPUTY: Dfc. A. Cooper
CASE: 17-30041
INCIDENT: Theft under $100
DATE / TIME: 10/07/2017 @ 2128hrs.
LOCATION: Duck Neck Camp Ground @ 500 Double Creek Point Road Chestertown, MD 21620
DETAILS: The victim advised that someone had entered her camper and stole approximately 67, 5mg oxycodone prescription pills from inside.
DEPUTY: Dfc. N Burns
CASE: 17-30147
INCIDENT: Burglary
DATE / TIME: 10/08/2017 @ 0205hrs.
LOCATION: Shore Stop @ 100 Main Street Stevensville, MD 21666
VICTIM: Shore Stop
DETAILS: A witness called the police because they observed a truck parked in front of the Shore Stop, and subjects pulling an ATM machine out of the store. Deputies and Troopers responded to the area in an attempt to locate the truck but it was gone upon their arrival. The MSP crime lab responded to process evidence at the scene. This investigation is being handled by the Criminal Investigation’s Unit.
DEPUTY: Dep. C. Carnaggio Assisted by MSP, MSP Crime Lab, Dep. T. Myers.
CASE: 17-30185

INCIDENT: Harassment
DATE / TIME: 10/6/17 at 6:56AM
LOCATION: 200 blk Conquest Rd., Centreville, Md. 21617
DETAILS: QACSO units responded for a complaint of a person receiving several threatening text messages. The victim advised that between 10/5/17 at 8:30PM and 10/6/17 at 2:00AM, she had received the messages from a fake phone app, which does not reveal which number sent the actual text. She believes it may be related to a child custody issue.
DEPUTY: Dfc. C. Neall
CASE: 17-29957
INCIDENT: Burglary/Theft
DATE / TIME: 10/6/17 at 7:06AM
LOCATION: 1720 Bridgetown Rd., Henderson, Md. 21640 – Eastern Shore Sand and Gravel
DETAILS: QACSO units responded for the past burglary of an outbuilding and theft from a vehicle. The call was made by an employee of the company, who advised the burglary/theft occurred sometime between 10/4/17 at 12:00PM and 10/6/17 at 6:00AM. Various gas and electric power tools were stolen with a total estimated value of $2,770. The investigation continues. Anyone with info please contact QACSO.
DEPUTY: Dfc. M. Jones
CASE: 17-29958
INCIDENT: Recovered property
DATE / TIME: 10/6/17 at 11:04AM
LOCATION: 100 blk Legion Rd., Millington, Md. 21651
DETAILS: QACSO units responded for the complaint of a found smoking device that was believed to have been used to smoke CDS. Upon arrival, contact was made with the caller. She advised that she walks the parking lot at the Faith Unity Fellowship Church, usually every day and found a small smoking device. The small pipe was left sometime between 10/5/17 at 11:00AM and 10/6/17 at 10:30AM. Further investigation revealed that, while the pipe was consistent with the use of CDS, this particular pipe had no residue/evidence of CDS use. With no indication of who the owner of it was, the pipe was taken to QACSO and placed into evidence, to be destroyed at a later date.
DEPUTY: Cpl. VanSant
CASE: 17-29980
INCIDENT: Malicious Destruction of Property
DATE / TIME: 10/05/17 @ 08:59 PM
LOCATION: 100 Block of Claiborne Street, Chester, Md.
VICTIM: 52 yr. old white male from Chester, Md.
DETAILS: Victim advised that his son was home during the hours of 4:00pm and 4:20 pm, when he heard a noise upstairs. Upon investigation, a window was found to be damaged. Further investigation showed what appeared to be BB Gun Pellet holes in the window and also outside in the siding. Estimated damage is $200. There are no suspects at this time. Investigation is ongoing.
DEPUTY: Deputy P. Sackrider
CASE: 17-29923
INCIDENT: Theft of a Cell Phone
DATE AND TIME REPORTED: October 5, 2017 at 12:10 p.m.
LOCATION: 3000 block Love Point Road, Stevensville Maryland
VICTIM: 31 year old white female from Stevensville Maryland

NARRATIVE: On the above date and time, Dfc. S. Creason was dispatched to respond to the area of Love Point Road. Upon Dfc. Creason’s arrival he observed the victim at her residence. The victim explained an unknown black male came to her door and asked to use a phone to make a call. The black male was described as a light skinned black male in his early 20’s approximately 5’8” tall medium build wearing a light blue ball cap. The victim dialed a number for the suspect and once someone answered the male took the phone and ran away. The victim then used another phone to call 911. The stolen phone was described as a newer model Samsung Galaxy black in color with a pink camo case. The phone was valued at $200. This case is being actively investigated by Dfc. S. Creason and anyone with information is asked to contact Dfc. Creason at or 410-758-0770 ext.1280
INVESTIGATOR: Deputy First Class S. Creason
CASE NUMBER: 17-29875

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