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QA Press Release 9/25

INCIDENT:         MDOP under $1,000

DATE / TIME:  9/22/17 at 8:41PM

LOCATION:  1200 blk Duhamel Corner Rd., Sudlersville, Md. 21668

DETAILS:     QACSO units responded for the cutting of a brake line to a vehicle. Upon arrival, contact was made with the caller who advised that sometime on 9/22/17 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, unknown suspect(s) cut the brake line to his Chevy S10 pick up.  The damage was estimated at approx. $100.

DEPUTY:    Cpl. VanSant. Assisted by Dep. Patikowski.

CASE:        17-28581




INCIDENT:      Single Vehicle Crash

DATE / TIME:    9/22/17 at 9:51PM

LOCATION:        Hope Rd near Hayden Rd, Centreville, Md. 21617

DETAILS:      QACSO units responded for the report of a single vehicle crash, with no reported injuries. Upon arrival, contact was made with the driver of a blue in color, Chevy 4 door sedan. The driver, stated he was driving on Hope Rd and had swerved to avoid striking a deer, lost control, went into a ditch and struck a pole. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

DEPUTY:        Dep. Patikowski

CASE:             17-28588




INCIDENT:       Traffic stop with CDS

DATE / TIME:  9/23/17 at 7:52PM

LOCATION:  Parson Island Rd., Chester Md. 21619

DETAILS:     Dfc. Prince conducted a traffic stop of a speeding vehicle. He made contact with the driver, Jacob Tyszka (19yo) and while speaking with him, noticed suspected marijuana inside the vehicle. As a result, Dfc. Prince had the driver exit the vehicle and conducted a search. Consequently, Tyszka was issued traffic citations in addition to a civil citation for possession of marijuana under 10grams.

DEPUTY:    Dfc. Prince, assisted by Dep. Matteson

CASE:        17-28677





DATE / TIME: 9/23/2017 @ 1326hrs.

LOCATION:   Stevensville, MD 21666

VICTIM:  85 year old female

DETAILS:  Deputies were dispatched to an address in Stevensville to meet with an 85 year old female to report a fraud.  The victim advised that an unidentified male contacted her saying that her grandson was in jail and needed two $1,000 gift cards to post his bail.  She acquired the gift cards and provided the caller with all the information on the cards.  The unknown suspect contacted the victim 2 more times and was able to obtain $7,000 worth of gift cards from the victim.  Investigation is on-going.

DEPUTY: Dep. S. Dickey

CASE: 17-28641




INCIDENT:  Theft over $1,000

DATE / TIME:   9/24/2017 @ 1151hrs.

LOCATION:     Bloomingdale Road Queenstown, MD 21658

VICTIM:  18yo male

DETAILS:  Deputies were dispatched to Bloomingdale road in reference to a theft of a dirt bike.  The caller advised that his dirt bike is a Suzuki RM 250 2 stroke.  The bike used to be yellow but is now painted black.  It is valued at $1,600.  The last time the bike was seen was on Friday.

DEPUTY: Dep. T. Myers

CASE: 17-28740





DATE / TIME:   09/24/2017 @ 1257hrs.

LOCATION:  Main Street Rams Head Shore House

VICTIM:  48 y.o. male Stevensville, Md

DETAILS:    The victim advised deputies that while his vehicle was parked at the Rams Head Shore House in Stevensville, that unknown suspect(s)  broke into his vehicle and stole his Ipod, sunglasses, radar detector, and prescription medications.  The theft occurred on 9/24/2017 between 0900 and 1300hrs.

DEPUTY:  Dep. S. Dickey






QA Press Release 9/20

INCIDENT:  MDOP under $500.00

DATE / TIME:   9/19/17 / 2032 hours

LOCATION: The Jetty – 201 Wells Cove Rd. Grasonville MD 21638

VICTIM:  W/F 22 yo Stevensville

DETAILS: Deputies responded to the above address in reference to a Malicious Destruction of Property.  Upon arrival deputies were advised by an Employee of the Jetty that a Suspect in a Black F-250 Pick-up truck in the parking lot of The Jetty business proceeded to do a “burn out” in the parking lot. Dirt and debris were thrown from the spinning tires striking and damaging the windshield of a 2009 White Honda Accord. The F-250 then left the business and proceeded west on Rt. 18.  At this time the investigation is ongoing.

DEPUTY: Primary – Dep Carnaggio, C. #0189 Assisted by DFC Burns, N. #0150

CASE: 17-28292


INCIDENT:          Theft over $1,000.

DATE / TIME:     9/19/17 at 10:40AM

LOCATION:        Roosevelt Park, Queen Anne, Md. 21675

DETAILS:     QACSO unit responded for a reported theft of a metal park bench. Upon arrival, contact was made with the caller. The caller advised that sometime between 9/19/16 (estimated) and 9/19/17, unknown suspect(s) stole a metal park bench, valued at $1168.00. Anyone with info, please contact QACSO

DEPUTY:    Cpl. VanSant

CASE:        17-28233


INCIDENT:      Theft under $1,000.

DATE / TIME:    9/19/17 at 11:50AM

LOCATION:        200 block of  Prospect Bay Drive West, Grasonville, Md. 21638

DETAILS:        QACSO units responded for a complaint of theft of trashcans. It was determined that the owner of the trashcans was Bates Trucking Trash Removal. The trashcans were later found down the road. Any further information in reference to this incident should be forwarded to Dep. Matteson.

DEPUTY:        Dep. Matteson

CASE:             17-28241


INCIDENT:       Burglary

DATE / TIME:    9/19/17 at 1400 hours

LOCATION:       100 block of Wittico lane, Grasonville MD

DETAILS:         QACSO unit responded for a reported Burglary. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim. The victim advised that sometime between 9/10/16 and 9/19/17, unknown suspect(s) broke into her residence and stole electronics with a totaling value of $560. Anyone with info, please contact QACSO

DEPUTY:             Dep. Matteson

CASE:                  17-28254


INCIDENT:          MDOP under $1,000

DATE / TIME:     9/18/17 at 4:43PM

LOCATION:      Thompson Creek Park and Ride (111 Thompson Creek Rd., Stevensville, Md. 21666)

DETAILS:   QACSO units responded for a vandalism complaint called in by the owner of a 2011, Cadillac, SUV. The owner, (27yo FEMALE), called regarding the slashing of both passenger side tires. She advised it occurred sometime on 9/18/17 between 7:30AM and 3:30PM. Anyone with info please call QACSO.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Prince

CASE:        17-28159


INCIDENT:        MDOP under $1,000.

DATE / TIME:    9/18/17 at 4:00PM

LOCATION:       100 blk Little Neck Rd , Stevensville, Md. 21666

DETAILS:         QACSO units responded for the damage to a window/frame to a dwelling. Contact was made with a caretaker. At this time, nothing appears to have been stolen from the residence. The investigation continues, pending contact with the homeowner. The damage occurred sometime between 9/13/17 at 5:00PM and 9/18/17 at 3:30PM. Anyone with info, contact QACSO.

DEPUTY:             Dep. Matteson, assisted by Dfc. Prince

CASE:                  17-28153



DATE / TIME: 9/18/02017   @ 1944hrs.

LOCATION:   Church Hill Lane Chester, MD

VICTIM:  16 year old female from Grasonville, MD

DETAILS:  The victim reported that she was at a friend’s house in Chester and when she left the residence she noticed her car was unlocked.  She then noticed she was missing $60.00 in cash from her vehicle.  She suspected that one of her friends had taken her money from her vehicle while she was inside the residence.  Investigation is on-going.

DEPUTY:   Dep. Carnaggio

CASE:  17-28173


INCIDENT:   Burglary

DATE / TIME:   9/18/2017 @ 2126hrs.

LOCATION:    400 block of  Grasonville Cemetery Road Grasonville, MD

DETAILS:   Deputies responded to Grasonville Cemetery Road for a suspected burglary in progress that was reported by a neighbor.  Upon arrival deputies located a rear window that was open and the house was in disarray.  Contact with the victim is pending.  This investigation is being handled by the Criminal Investigation’s Unit.

DEPUTY: Dep. Carnaggio

CASE: 17-28184




QA Press Release 9/18

INCIDENT:  Theft: Less than $1,000 from M/V and MDOP

DATE CRIME OCCURED:  9/15/17 sometime between 1200-1500 hrs

INCIDENT REPORTED:  September 15, 2017 at 1600 hrs

LOCATION:  100 Blk of Forest Rd in Grasonville

DETAILS:  On 9/15/17 at 1600 hrs, deputies responded to the above address and made contact with the victim.  The victim reported that unknown suspects have been loitering around his vacant home and were smoking marijuana.  The victim reported this is an ongoing issue and the suspects are juveniles.  The victim stated nothing was damaged at his home, but one of his vehicles was tampered with.  The victim reported that at least a ½ tank of gasoline was cyphered out of the gas tank and that it appears that they attempted to enter the vehicle.  The estimated value of the theft and damage are approximate $210.


CASE:  17-27829


INCIDENT:         Theft less than $1,000.00

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:            9/15/17     1915 hours

LOCATION:     Old Love Point Park Stevensville, MD 21666

VICTIMS:                    28 year old female of Annapolis, MD

68 year old male of Stevensville, MD

NARRATIVE:   On 9/15/17 at 1915 hours, the victim parked her vehicle in the main lot at Love Point Park. She returned later to find that her front window had been smashed and her purse was stolen. The purse was described as a leather purse valued at $100.00 and the only item of value in the purse was $20.00 in cash. The total damage amount is estimated at $1,000.00. This case remains open at this time.

INVESTIGATOR:         Dfc. Davidson

CASE NUMBER:                     17-27854



INCIDENT:         CDS Arrest

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:            9/15/17     2305 hours

LOCATION:     Parking lot under the Kent Narrows Bridge

NARRATIVE:   On 9/15/17 at 2305 hours, Deputies were patrolling in the parking lot under the Kent Narrows Bridge. Deputies observed a vehicle parked away from the other vehicles. Deputies observed two subjects inside the vehicle ducking down in the front seat. Deputies then made contact with the occupants and detected the odor of burnt Marijuana. A subsequent search led to the recovery of Marijuana less than ten grams. Both parties were identified as juveniles and issued the appropriate citations. Both parties were later released to parents at the scene.

ARREST                    16 year old male from Chester, MD

16 year old female from Centreville, MD

INVESTIGATOR:         Dfc. Davidson

ASSISTED BY:             Dep. Mike Piasecki and K9 Zora

CASE NUMBER:                     17-27879



INCIDENT:         CDS Arrest

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:            9/15/17     2126 hours

LOCATION:     Love Point Park Stevensville, MD

NARRATIVE:   On 9/15/17 at 2126 hours, deputies were patrolling Love Point Park in Stevensville, MD. Deputies observed a vehicle in the park after hours. Deputies approached the vehicle and observed several subjects walking away from the vehicle. Deputies made contact with the driver and later detected the odor of Marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. A subsequent search resulted in the recovery of Marijuana less than ten grams. The driver was later released on citation.

ARREST                    Richard Maldonado of Chester, MD


INVESTIGATOR:         Dfc. Davidson

ASSISTED BY:             Dep. Sackrider & Dep. Cooper

CASE NUMBER:                     17-27874



INCIDENT:         CDS Arrest

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:            9/16/17     0301 hours

LOCATION:     Woods Rd Chestertown, MD

NARRATIVE:   On 9/16/17 at 0301 hours, deputies were patrolling the area of Woods Rd and Burchard Sawmill Rd in Chestertown. Deputies observed a vehicle parked at the end of Woods Rd in the cul-de-sac. The vehicle was later stopped and a K9 scan was performed on the vehicle. After a positive alert, the vehicle was searched and deputies located Marijuana less than 10 grams. The subject was later released on citation.

ARREST                    Holden Drake-Morris of Chestertown, MD

INVESTIGATOR:         Dep. Jarrett

ASSISTED BY:             Dep. Piasecki & K9 Zora

CASE NUMBER:                     17-27892


INCIDENT:     Motor Vehicle Accident (Single Vehicle)

DATE / TIME:     09/16/17 @ 08:01 AM

LOCATION:     Perry’s Corner Road near Holly Acres Lane

DRIVER:     43 yr. old female from Grasonville, Md.


DETAILS:     The driver advised she was traveling east bound on Perry’s Corner Road in the area of Holly Acres Lane.  Driver advised she swerved to avoid an unknown animal in the roadway.  The vehicle swerved left and crossed over the center line into the West bound lane, and continued across ditch.  The vehicle ultimately struck a telephone pole and continued into a tree where it came to rest.  The driver was not injured.  The vehicle was towed from the scene by Parks Tire Company.  No citations were issued.

DEPUTY:     Deputy Pack

CASE:     17-27902


INCIDENT:     Malicious Destruction of Property

DATE / TIME:     09/16/17 @ 11:18 AM

LOCATION:     2000 Block of Cecil Drive, Chester, MD

VICTIM:     76 yr. old white male, Chester, MD

INVOLVED VEHICLE:  2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, MD

DETAILS:     Victim advised his vehicle described above had received damage to the driver’s side window (window busted out, estimated damage is $400).  Victim assumed the damage occurred sometime between 4:00 PM on 09/15/17, and the time of this report on 09/16/17.  Victim advised nothing was taken from inside the vehicle and no other vehicles were damaged.  A neighborhood canvas yielded negative results for any leads.  Investigation is ongoing.

DEPUTY:     Deputy Pack

CASE:     17-27931


INCIDENT:      Recovered Property

DATE / TIME:     09/16/17 @ 08:35 AM

LOCATION:     2000 Block of Cox Neck Road, Chester, MD

VICTIM:     17 yr. old white male juvenile, Stevensville, MD

DETAILS:     A passerby located a cell phone (black IPhone) in the roadway on her way home.  The phone was turned over to Deputy Bush.  Later in the day, the owner of the phone (17 yr. old male) responded to the Sheriff’s Office.  Arrangements have been made to return the property to the owner.

DEPUTY:      Deputy Bush

CASE:     17-27905


INCIDENT:      CDS Arrest

DATE / TIME:     09/16/17 @ 12:49 PM

LOCATION:     Route 8 Park and Ride, Stevensville, MD

ARRESTED:     Kirby, Joseph Coleman 25 yr. old white male, Stevensville, MD

Schmid, Amber Marie 27 yr. old white female, Stevensville, MD

DETAILS:     Deputy Bush conducted a welfare check at the Park & Ride lot who were parked in a blue Ford F150.  Deputy Bush approached the vehicles to check on the welfare of the occupants.  Deputy Bush approached the passenger side of truck and engaged the occupants in conversation.  The two occupants immediately had conflicting stories regarding their meeting at the Park & Ride.  Deputy Bush observed suspected CDS and paraphernalia on the center console.  A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed the following:

(6) clear plastic capsules containing heroin

(3) clear vials with purple tops containing powder cocaine

(5) syringes

(1) metal spoon with heat markings and powder cocaine residue

Both occupants were arrested for the violations

DEPUTY:     Deputy Bush

CASE:     17-27943


INCIDENT:         Theft of a dirt bike                  

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:            9/16/17     1909 hours

LOCATION:     200 block of Whittington Ln Grasonville, MD

NARRATIVE:   On 9/16/17 at 1909 hours, deputies responded to the above address for a report of a stolen dirt bike. The bike was stolen during the day between 9/15 and 9/16. The dirt bike is black 1999 Honda CR250. No other items were reported stolen. This case remains open at this time.

VICTIM:       30 year old male of Grasonville, MD

INVESTIGATOR:         Dep. Piasecki

CASE NUMBER:                     17-27973


INCIDENT:     Burglary

DATE / TIME:     09/17/17 @ 08:35 AM

LOCATION:     3000 Block of Ruthsburg Road, Centreville, MD

VICTIM:     Bridgetown Methodist Church, 3000 Block of Ruthsburg Road, Henderson, MD

DETAILS:     Complaint advised that upon arriving to the church at approximately 7:30 AM, he noticed papers lying just inside the front door.  As he walked inside further he discovered the air conditioner that had been in the window was missing (it was later located still on the property).  The window which had held the air conditioner appeared to be the point of entry.  Further investigation showed 3 plastic bags missing from the first pew bench, valued at $10 a piece.  Inside each bag were the following items:  one hand towel, one wash cloth, one comb, one metal nail file, one bath size bar of soap, one toothbrush, six adhesive bandages, one other plastic bag, and $1 dollar bill to purchase toothpaste.  The bags had been prepared by the church to be sent to hurricane victims.  The complainant advised the church was last opened on Wednesday, 09/13/17 at approximately 12:00 PM.  Investigation is ongoing.

DEPUTY:     Deputy J.  Lewis

CASE:     17-28019


INCIDENT:     Motor Vehicle Accident

DATE / TIME:     09/17/17 @ 01:16 PM

LOCATION:     900 Block of Chester River Drive, Grasonville, MD

VEHICLE 1 DRIVER:     68 yr. old male from Port Orange, Florida

VEHICLE 1:     2014 Chrysler 300 passenger car


VEHICLE 2:     1999 Lexus 4door passenger car

DETAILS:     Vehicle 1 was traveling west on Chester River Drive.  Vehicle 1 then drifted into the east bond lane and struck the front passenger side of vehicle 2, which was parked in a driveway.  Vehicle 1 continue approximately 15 feet where it struck striking a mailbox where the vehicle came to final rest.  The driver of vehicle 1 was evaluated by EMS personnel and taken to local hospital for further care.  Vehicle 1 was towed from the seen by TEDS Towing.  Vehicle 2 remained on scene at a residence and was not towed.  No citations were issued.

DEPUTY:     Deputy L. Pack
CASE:     17-28044

QA Press Release – Attempted Murder

The victim stated that while at 124 West Main Street she was physically assaulted by the male occupant (later identified as Craig Sudler Willis) a 46 year old make that lives at that address. Investigation revealed that the victim suffered a repeated physical assault for almost 2 hours before being able to leave that address and call 911.


Further investigation revealed that the suspect (Willis) threatened the victim with a firearm during that assault,  and subsequently discharged that firearm at or near the victim.  The victim was treated by EMS and taken to Chester River Hospital for assault-related injuries.  The victim was NOT hit by any projectile from the firearm. The suspect also caused extensive damages to the victim’s vehicle windows and exterior during this incident.


While deputies were conducting their investigation the suspect (Willis) attempted to leave his residence but was apprehended shortly thereafter and taken into custody without incident.  At approximately 1000 AM, deputies executed a search and seizure warrant at 124 West Main Street to obtain evidence and process the crime scene.


Willis was charged with the following:

  1. Attempted 1st degree murder
  2. Attempted 2nd degree murder
  3. 1st degree assault
  4. 2nd degree assault
  5. Reckless endangerment
  6. False Imprisonment
  7. Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony 8. Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person 9. Malicious destruction of property over $1000 value 10. Malicious destruction of property under $1,000 value


Craig Sudler Willis was later taken before a District Court Commissioner for his initial appearance on those charges.  He was held at the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center without bond.

QA Press Release 9/15

INCIDENT:                             Theft of Money from Residence

DATE CRIME OCCURED: sometime between September 6, 2017 and September 9, 2017

INCIDENT REPORTED:        September 9, 2017 at 8:00pm

LOCATION:               300 block of Wilson Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:       On September 9, 2017 deputies responded to the above address and made contact with the victim.  The victim advised that sometime between 9/6/17 to 9/9/17 an unknown suspect entered her residence and stole money from a bedroom closet.  There was no evidence of forced entry and nothing else in the residence was disturbed.  The crime scene was processed.  This investigation is assigned to Deputy Carnaggio and if anyone has any information about this crime please call him at 410-758-0770 extension 1274 information can also be emailed to him at  All information sources can remain anonymous.


INVESTIATING DEPUTY:    Dep. C. Carnaggio assisted by Deputy First Class N. Burns

CASE:                                     17-27159




DATE / TIME:  9/6/17/1616 hrs

LOCATION:  United Methodist Church in Chester


DETAILS:  Victim reported that an unknown suspect entered her vehicle and stole her red temporary handicap placard.  Victim reports that this occurred back in July 2017 while her vehicle was parked in the church parking lot.  The placard number is AT66532 and it expires on 9/17.      


DEPUTY:  Cpl Bassaro #0144                           

CASE:  17-26806






DATE / TIME:  9/6/17/1243 hrs

LOCATION:  Parking lot of Kent Town Market in Chester


DETAILS:  Victim reported that an unknown suspect caused damage to his vehicle while parked outside of the Sherwin Williams Paint Store.  The damage is described as a footprint mark on his driver’s side door and a mark on the gas tank lid.  The damage is estimated to cost $500.00.  A review of cameras footage did not disclose any leads to this investigation.


DEPUTY:  Dfc Lewis #0179                           

CASE:  17-26779





DATE / TIME:  9/6/17/1412 hrs

LOCATION:  100 Blk of Mainbrace Dr in Queenstown

DEFENDANT:  Richard Gaines Jr., White   Male  30 years old from Queenstown


DETAILS:  Caller reported that they just witnessed a theft on their neighbor’s property.  The suspect was also said to have an active warrant.  When deputies arrived the suspect had departed the scene already, but they were able to provide a vehicle description.  A lookout was broadcasted and the vehicle was located in the Queenstown area.  A traffic stop was initiated and the defendant was taken into custody.  The suspect was transported to the QACSO for processing and he was subsequently charged with the theft and also served with his warrant.  After seeing the District Court Commissioner the suspect was held and transported to the QAC Detention Center.


DEPUTY:  Dfc Ahearn #0152                           

CASE:  17-26790






DATE / TIME:  9/7/17/ 1254 hrs

LOCATION:  Queenstown Bank (Main Branch) in Queenstown


DETAILS:  Victim reported that she applied for a job online.  The employer was later found to be a fictitious entity.  The victim was coerced to cash, deposit, and transfer funds from fictitious checks.  The suspect is suspected to be from Anne Arundel County.  This investigation is ongoing.        


DEPUTY:  Cpl Bassaro #0144                           

CASE:  17-26882





DATE / TIME:  9/7/17 1403 hrs

LOCATION:  400 Blk of Old Bridge Road in Chestertown


DETAILS:  Victim reported that sometime in March of 2017 her father’s front and rear registration plates were stolen from the vehicle.  It is unknown exactly where the theft occurred.  The victim reported that they discovered the plates were missing when they were preparing to turn the plates in to the MVA.  The plate number was identified to be LN0104 through Maryland.  The plates were entered into NCIC.


DEPUTY:  Dfc Lewis #0179                           

CASE:  17-26894





INCIDENT:  Police Information

DATE / TIME:  9/7/17 1541 hrs

LOCATION:  Food Lion in Chester


DETAILS:  Victim reported he received a deposit of money in his checking account.  After further research the victim determined that the deposit was suspected to be fraudulent and that he may be a victim of identity theft.  Victim was advised by his bank to file a police report.    


DEPUTY:  Dep Pack #0183                           

CASE:  17-26909



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